Wanda the Littlest Wizard 

Album and insert available for free digital download: 


Wanda the Littlest Wizard was first released in 1979 by Wizkids Music of Calgary as a record album. Many years later, it was re-issued as an audio cassette and in 2004, as a compact disk.

Throughout the years, this recording has inspired many children with the timeless themes of determination and inner strength. Three local theatre groups performed stage adaptations of “Wanda”. Countless children have acted out the story using costumes and puppets they have created much to the delight of their parents.

Forty years (!) later, I receive two or three emails every year from adults searching out a copy. The stories are similar. When they were kids, they literally wore out the record because they played it so often. Or they discovered a copy in their parent’s basement that brought back memories. Or they have children of their own and want to play this for their children. Doug and I have no idea how many lives we touched and it warms our hearts when we receive these messages.

Wanda’s many themes are as relevant today as when it was first released. We are reminded that, in life, we must sometimes face our own “Forest of Fears” and “when you’re in doubt of what to do, follow those reflections which are true.” And, most importantly, “The magic is believing in you!"

So thanks to those of you who tracked me down through the internet. Doug and I are working on a website, but now everything is available here. A new generation of children can enjoy the songs and journey through the Land of Wizdom. We hope you, your children and your children’s children have as much fun listening to the story of Wanda the Littlest Wizard as we’ve had in bringing it to life!


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Jones G. R. & Wong D. (1980). Wanda the Littlest Wizard. Stage play produced by M & M Theatre at Canmore Opera House, Heritage Park December 26 – 30 1988.

January 2023