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Academic Research

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Chapters in books 

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Conference Presentations

My stories (and research) as a male elementary teacher”. Presentation to Celebrating Sessional Instructors Symposium, February 26 2020. Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary.


“Values and Vulnerable: the complex experiences of male elementary teachers”. Presentation to WestCAST 2019. University of Calgary.

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Refereed Journals

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Unrefereed journals

Jones G.R. (2017) Burgers and Beer: an informal group supports male teachers.  Education Canada EDCAN Network. Fall 2017Jones G.R. (2017)

 Jones G.R. (2017) Burgers and Beer: An informal group supports male teachers 

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Media Book Reviews and Interviews: Garry Jones

Nolais J. (Feb 2012) All-boys school 'really cool", students. Principal deems first semester with new program a success   metro Calgary

CBC News All Boys program set to expand following maiden year

Ferguson E (2010). Calgary's first all-male school opening to parents' delight. Calgary Herald. 

Morral, A. (2005, June 20). Pity the male elementary school teacher. Calgary Herald. This front-page story about men who teach featured a photograph of me surrounded by the women staff members.

 Nikiforuk, A. (2004 September). The Vanishing School Master. Canadian Family.  I was interviewed for this article.

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1992. Crocus Hill Notebook. Nominated for the Sixth Biennial Janusz Korczak Literacy Awards, Anti-defamation League, New York.