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 “Teaching Our Boys. Celebrating Our Boys” 

What’s up with those boys in my classroom? How can I help the boys succeed in our school? Can a “boy friendly classroom” also be “girl friendly”? Do boys lose when girls win? 

These questions seem to be everywhere in the popular press lately. However, there are no simple answers. This conversation begins by celebrating our boys! In this session, Dr. Jones will highlight myths about boys, then outline “The Boy Code” that teaches boys how to behave in our culture. He will review the research about boys and learning, then provide some practical suggestions for classroom teachers.

Sample Workshops - English Language Arts Specialist 2002- 2005

Teaching English Language Arts in Grades 1-3: Understanding the Writing Process

In this workshop you will deepen your understanding of the writing process. What do writers do while writing? What are the strategies writers use? What are the stages of writing development? Learn how to organize the writing workshop.