Dr. Garry Jones: educational consultant, writer, researcher

Welcome to my website.

Since April 2013, I am the retired principal of the All Boys Program, a Calgary Board of Education alternative program in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I am a sessional instructor at Werklund School of Education at the University of Calgary. I continue to research the school experiences of boys as students and men as teachers.

Educational consultant

    • elementary teacher and principal,

    • consultant for English Language Arts,

    • staff developer – workshops for teachers,

Writer (see Published by Garry)

  • articles about teaching

  • author of 2 books of short stories about teaching, Crocus Hill Notebook (1991) and Crocus Hill Reunion (1997) (The Althouse Press: London, ON),

  • co-author of Wanda the Littlest Wizard (1979) a children’s musical recording .

Researcher (see Research about boys, and Research about male teachers)

  • Research interests: how our stories of gender, and the stories of others about our gender, shape our identities as teachers. Male teachers and their lived experiences in the workplace, as men. How our stories of the gender of students, shape our teaching of boys and girls. Boys at school, how they experience school. Supporting boys at school.

  • Ph.D. in Elementary Education from University of Alberta – “A Narrative Inquiry of a Male Elementary Teacher and the Shaping of his Identities” (Jones, 2001). Advisor, Dr. Jean Clandinin. Methodology, narrative inquiry.

updated March 2022